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Woven Polyester Strapping

Woven Polyester Strapping

Cross wound coils core Ø 76mm x 150mm

Code Width Tensile Strength Metres Per Coil Coil Ømm Buckle View
E13 13mm 400kgs 1000 270 GT13/1000/box
E16 16mm 500kgs 750 260 GT16/1000/box
E19 19mm 600kgs 600 250 GT19/1000/box
E19/750 19mm 750kgs 500 240 GT19/1000/box
E19/1100 19mm 1100kgs 500 260 GT19/1000/box
E25L 25mm 950kgs 500 280 GT25/500/box
E25/1400 25mm 1400kgs 300 285 GT25/500/box
E32/1400 32mm 1400kgs 300 290 GT32/250/box

The L Range cross wound coils core Ø 76mm x 150mm

Code Width Tensile Strength Metres Per Coil Coil Ømm Buckle View
L13 13mm 375kgs 1100 300 GT13/1000/box
L16 16mm 450kgs 850 320 GT16/1000/box
L19 19mm 550kgs 600 290 GT19/1000/box

Ribbon wound coils core Ø 22mm

Code Width Tensile Strength Metres Per Coil Coil Ømm Buckle View
E32/2500 32mm 2500kgs 150 440 GT32/250/box
E38 38mm 2000kgs 100 385 GT38/125/box
E25 25mm 1400kgs 200 585 GT25/500/box
E32 32mm 1400kgs 200 585 GT32/500/box

What Is And Why Woven Polyester Strapping?

Like your seatbelts it is a woven polyester webbing where the warp cords that bear the load are woven together with the weft cords that bind the whole strapping together giving a complete structure so unlike other corded strapping it does not separate down its length.

The Benefits Of Using Woven Polyester Strapping

As an alternative to steel banding it has the following benefits.

  • Being flexible it is easy to use in all weathers
  • It will not stain or scratch treated surfaces
  • Easily hand applied using our simple low cost tools
  • It has the strength of steel with only a fraction of its weight and is easily disposed of
  • It has no sharp edges and ends to harm personnel or products
  • It can be retensioned if the load is reduced in size in any way
  • It can absorb shock and retain its tension during transportation
  • It can retain its tension for extended time periods in all weather

It has excellent resistance to UV degradation and is impervious to most chemical attack

Uses & Applications Of Woven Polyester Strapping

With its incredible strength and versatility, our woven polyester strapping is used by a comprehensive range of individuals and businesses across many industries. Perfect for securing heavy loads, our cost effective strapping system has many applications.

Some Applications And Uses For Woven Polyester Strapping:

  • The bundling of scaffolding tubes and boards
  • Cargo restraints inside sea containers
  • Bundling pipes and tubes
  • Forestry and fencing products
  • Sawmills and timber treatment centres
  • Structural engineering projects
  • Securing double glazed sealed units for transportation

Why Choose Woven Polyester Strapping?

  • Cost Effective
  • As Strong As Steel
  • Can Be Tightened By Means Of Hand Tools When Under Tension
  • Will Not Stain Or Damage Loads Or Packages
  • Weighs 84% Less Than Steel Alternative
  • Polyester Weave Ensures Integrity
  • No Sharp Edges Or Corners
  • Maintains Tension
  • Easily Disposable
  • Will Not Rust
  • Can Be Retensioned
Woven Polyester Strapping

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